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Financial Literacy

Through its program of monthly Financial Literacy instruction at its Networking Meetings, Five Flags Company, Inc. strengthens the less fortunate to move forward financially.  Participants learn how to save, spend and manage their income. Through Financial Intervention and counselling sessions on credit repair, Five Flags empowers its clients to use a step by step process toward greater financial empowerment.



Our Emergency Micro-Finance Loans are still in the experimental stage.  If a client faces a devastating situation such as the need to pay a Security Payment to prevent becoming homeless, or if a client does not have enough money to pay the rent, or if the opportunity to take required classes that will free the family from living in a rodent infested, mold-ridden, unsafe and unhealthful environment – these are examples of legitimate reasons given for obtaining an Emergency Micro Finance Loan.

Wealth Fitness

Teaching members how to keep their wealth once they have it. Promoting account growth and putting them on a path for financial success.

Job Search

Job Search is an essential program at Five Flags Company, Inc.  Many clients don’t know where to begin when they start to find a job, especially if they are new to the area. Five Flags counsels its clients to find a job that matches their talents and provides a living wage for them and their families. We work together with the clients to create cover letters and resumes.  We then direct them to use the internet as effectively as possible so that they can complete job applications and, within a short period, apply for available jobs that will fit their skill set level.  

Building Entrepreneurship

Starting a business can be very threatening when a potential entrepreneur begins the process of registration, publishing and ordering required posters in public work areas. Taking tests and paying the fees required for licensing and certification are also necessary. Insurance is another issue that requires much research. In some cases, the need to take a micro-finance loan is required due to startup costs involved. Five Flags Company, Inc. provides the assistance needed to complete all of these tasks.

Food Distribution

The fact that Staten Island has recently grown their Food Insecurity levels for children by about 4%, more than any other borough in New York City, is a startling fact that is being challenged by Five Flags Company, Inc.  For this program, we work with Half Table Man Disaster Assistance Relief.  Aiman Youssef, CEO, has an arrangement with Trader Joe’s; he and his staff daily collect left-over food.  Once a week, we package it and deliver it to the homes of our clients. For the past two years, with the help of the Notre Dame Fund, we were able to distribute shopping carts to those on the pantry lines. These carts help the elderly and disabled to more easily bring their food home. Working together is the key.

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