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To erase poverty and create good jobs On staten island and beyond in order to walk the walk for financial empowerment with those who are less fortunate. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Five Flags Company, Inc. is to provide a safety net for the underprivileged on Staten Island and beyond by ensuring that they have the food, housing, and financial assistance they need to provide for their families. Job creation is the second principal focus of our company. Through our contacts with companies that assist in job search efforts and our formation of small businesses, we at Five Flags Company, Inc. work to empower our clients to earn living salaries that foster financial success.


  • To stop poverty on Staten Island focusing on Financial Literacy. Learning to record regularly how their money is spent and what expenditures are not necessary is an excellent way to begin to save money and grow economic stability, economic security and economic effectiveness.

  • To grow jobs by advising and assisting those in need of steady work which supplies sufficient financial ability to bring security and heightened success to workers, their spouses and their children.

  • To create jobs through the creation of entrepreneurships. Five Flags Company walks the

  • walk with each potential entrepreneur. We assist with Name Selection, Registration of the Company, Certification Classes, Licensing, Publication, Data Collection and Analysis to Ensure Growth and Continued Progress.

  • To provide micro-finance loans which will assist lenders to develop financial capability and financial success.

  • To Deliver food weekly to those who cannot pay both Rent and Food Bills. This Program is called the Five Flags Food Mobile Program. Its goals are achieved through our Partnership with Half Table Man Disaster Relief who is supplied food from Trader Joe's. In case of emergencies when food is scarce, Five Flags Company, Inc. continues to purchase and supply fresh fruits and vegetables to clients. This program is a small program and currently has a waiting list.

Keys to Success

  1. Providing needed micro-finance loans that will empower our clients to move forward as they work toward financial success.

  2. Educating those who lack Financial Literacy so that they can utilize the tools required to

  3. reach financial security.

  4. Training interested entrepreneurs to successfully climb the steps necessary to start their own entrepreneurships. Assisting the unemployed to obtain living wage jobs.

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