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Future Activities:

The future of Five Flags Company, Inc. will be challenging.  We will develop a strong Sponsorship Program.  We will add a Fundraising Department and a Grant Writing Department.  We will work toward building our Financial Literacy connections with large Financial institutions that will support the work that we are doing.  This is our major goal; that is, to reach our own higher level of Financial Independence.

We will then share the financial tools we’ve used and the financial success that we’ve attained through Workshops which we plan on giving for the Staten Island Not for Profit Organization.  We will use Island Facilities like schools, churches, the Hilton Garden Inn and other institutions for our presentations and events.

We will rent an official office.  Presently, we operate out of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on the North Shore and Holy Child on the South Shore.  Both these institutions have been very supportive and have expressed their interest in doing whatever they can to eliminate poverty on Staten Island.  For this, we are very grateful.

We will expand all of our five programs.  For this, we will need to hire staff such as drivers for the Food Distribution endeavor, consultants for our Job Search and Entrepreneurship Programs and Instructors for our Financial Literacy Program.  In order to bring this company to a level of optimum operation, we will need to have a financial breakthrough.  As Yunus was helped by the World Bank with a donation of 200 million dollars, we, too, will need similar assistance.  However, since the World Bank does not support American ventures, we will need the help of other highly successful investors.   

We will search for a Financial Backer for our Emergency Micro-Finance Program so that we can grow this program and have the financial support that is required. We would like to be able to rent cars and even homes so that we could ensure the success of our clients.  

We currently work with people from 10 different countries: The United States, Mexico, Nigeria, Liberia, India, Sri Lanka, The Dominican Republic, Ruwanda, Colombia, and Sierra Leone.  We’ve also worked with people from Maryland and New Jersey. We work with people from four continents and four boroughs of New York.

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