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Moved by the story of Muhammad Yunus and how he started the Grameen Micro-Finance System, we began stop poverty by helping the less fortunate on Staten Island and beyond.

How did you start Five Flags Company, Inc.?

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We work hard to lift those in poverty to a higher level of financial stability.

What are your principal goals?

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Through our five departments of Financial Literacy Training, Food Distribution, Job Search, Entrepreneurship, and coming soon Microfinance Loans, we lift people up to a higher level of financial empowerment.

What kinds of programs do you have available?

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We speak at churches throughout the island and promote the “Five Dollars for Five Flags Campaign. We apply for grants. We conduct sponsorship drives. We participate in food drives. Through our fundraising events we support our goals of erasing poverty and creating jobs.

How do you finance your company?

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