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Moving forward one step at a time

 Moving Forward Up the Scale of Financial Growth Helps Our Communities



I love the shopping Carts you gave us.  It breaks my heart when I see those less fortunate standing on the food pantry lines.  Several of their shopping carts are broken and taped to hold them together.  I hope that Five Flags Company, Inc. will give us more next year!



Five Flags Company, Inc. has helped me by introducing me to several business owners.  Through this interaction, I have learned about different business ideas.  This new knowledge has strengthened my confidence in how to approach business issues.  It has even interested me in starting my own business.  After I joined Five Flags in 2017, I needed to get a loan so that I could get my equivalency documents from the schools in Nigeria.  Five Flags gave me that loan.  For that I am very grateful.  Another major factor in my success here in America is that Five Flags Company, Inc. connected me with people of various cultures and nationalities:  Americans, Mexicans, Sri Lankans, Liberians and Nigerians.  Thank you, Five Flags!



For the first time in my life, I feel that I am in charge of my finances. Because of the help I have received from Five Flags Company, Inc, I now plan my spending more carefully.  I spend on what I need and not on what I want.  I list all of my expenses and now I know where my money is going.  I can now manage my money.  I feel empowered financially and it feels good.

Letters to america

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